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6 Black Hat SEO Techniques And Why You Should Avoid Them

Did you know that Black Hat SEO Techniques are not good on your website rankings and traffic?

Nowadays, there is incredible competition in Google Search Engine Results Page. Google has trillions of searches per year and is the primary source of information for us. SEO is one of the best assets for digital marketers, business owners, advertisers to improve their website organic traffic.

The advertisers needed to refine their promoting processes throughout the year to maintain the excellent standing on Google SERP by using the right SEO strategies. Google Algorithm is hard to beat and understand. SEO experts test and experiment with strategies to improve their ranking on SERP. They never stop learning and continue their research and study to be on the first page of Google.

No organic traffic means no sales. SEO experts strategized and did a lot of challenging exercises to win on Google SERP. Along the way, SEO specialists learned the word “Black Hat” SEO Techniques and how not to get penalized on Google. High ranking and organic traffic means your website is safe, and Google loves it. 

But hey, What is Black Hat SEO?

Did you know that Google’s Webmaster Guidelines set the standard processes for your SEO methodology? Suppose you integrate strategies or SEO is positioning effortless routes that conflict with Google’s rules. In that case, you’re doing Black Hat SEO Techniques — something that any original advertiser or webmaster should maintain the strategic distance from no matter what is needed. 

When Google recognizes that your website is utilizing Black Hat SEO Techniques, they will give you a punishment. When your website is penalized, Google will update your PageRank calculation, ending up losing Google’s position and traffic. 

Why am I losing so much traffic and rank? Then it’s about to ask yourself. What did you do? Is your SEO technique good? Where did you get that strategy? Why did you do that? At that point, you need to stop for a while, take a breath, and maybe you need to reformulate your SEO technique. 

If you want to know the Black Hat SEO techiniques or strategies, please continue reading, and we will discuss them one by one.

To avoid Google punishment, you need to make sure that you are away from the bad strategies.

Before we will learn what Black Hat SEO Techniques, here are the 3 types of SEO Techniques

6 Black Hat SEO Techniques And Why You Should Avoid Them 1

Here are some of Black Hat SEO Techniques you should avoid according to my experiences.

1.  PBNs or Private Blog Networks  

used to be famous for the black hat SEO and marketers. Maybe, you have heard this term already. There’s a lot of SEO out there selling PBN links. PBN links are cheap and affordable. You can buy 50 links for $5 on Fiverr. Don’t be stupid. Useful Links are expensive for your information. But as always, Google doesn’t like it. Google doesn’t want you to buy links. 

PBN is a network of web sites used to build links and pass authority or to other websites. The purpose of this strategy is to manipulate the search engine rankings. Sometimes, PBN is useful when your website is stable and updated. If you want to build PBN sites, control them and make them pleasant in the eyes of Google. 

2. Keyword Over Stuffing

Don’t you know that Over Keyword Stuffing will harm your website too? If you’re using WordPress, try to install plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, or Rank Math. They can help you distinguish if your content is having over keyword stuffing. Manage your keywords appropriately and avoid doing this strategy.

3. Content Cloaking

Write content for your users, not for search engines. Be honest with your visitors. Don’t mislead them to get clicks. When you do content cloaking, Google will punish you, and your domain will receive a severe penalty. 

4. Duplicate Content / Article

Google loves websites that produce valuable and unique content. If you don’t know on how to write a google article, then you can rewrite it. 

Publishing content that exists or index on Google is punishable. Google won’t love it. Google Algorithms can detect duplicate content. Always make sure that your article is original and plagiarism free. Google will recognize who publish first.

5. Comment Spamming

Google updated it’s algorithm to discredit links from spamming or bots. Don’t you know that links generated from blog comments is no follow link? Somehow based on my experience, nofollow tags won’t impact your ranking performance. It is “no follow,” but it is safe. 

6. Buying Links

Don’t buy links. You should earn it! Google will always discredit links via sponsored content or paid guest posts. Practice organic or white hat link building, instead of doing Black Hat SEO Techniques. A successful link-building strategy starts with producing unique and high-quality content that your readers benefit from reading with. If you can do and manage that, the backlinks will come in naturally over time. Bloggers and website owners will continue to share your content and link you back.

Stay in a safe zone. Stop Black Hat SEO Techniques. Google is watching you!

Google would like to provide users and readers a quality content to read. It is their business to make sure that internet users will get high quality and unbiased information. And as website owners, you need to follow their guidelines to be part of Google’s first page.

White Hat Strategies may take longer to get results. Yes, worth it to wait. Black Hat SEO Techniques will rank you faster, but when you penalize, you cannot recover quickly. Please, Google doesn’t hack them with your black hat SEO Techniques.

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Stay away from Black Hat SEO Techniques


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