Why Choose Our Best SEO Training Course Philippines?

Why do you need to take our SEO training course Philippines? In today’s new normal and competitive market, where almost everything depends on the Internet, and that millions of users already have access online and are visiting search engines looking for a product, news, education, information, trending or funny videos, and answers to their queries or solutions to their problems. SEO plays a vital role in Internet and Digital Marketing. So, how about taking our SEO training course Philippines today?

With the continuous rise and growing domination of online marketing methods to promote services and products. It is not a big surprise, really, that most of the products nowadays even the well-known brands are being promoted through digital marketing. The role of digital marketers combined with good SEO tactics or strategies can really help increased traffic going to the website.  

If you have a website, an online company, a personal blog or online store, SEO aka Search Engine Optimization can help create interest in your business, boost your website’s online visibility and search engine results ranking (SERPs) in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing by using organic or inorganic SEO methods. Thus, our SEO training course Philippines is useful and beneficial to further enhance your website’s online and rank presence.

Benefits of Taking Our SEO Training Course Philippines

During your basic to advance SEO training course, you can learn how search engines work, proper site structure, how to do On-page and Off-page SEO the right way. We will even help you understand what users are searching for online, what SEO tools to use, what keywords do the customers usually search and to create high-quality content out of those keywords or topics related to your products or service to meet the needs of your audience.

SEO Training Course Philippines

Our SEO training course is for:

  • People who want to make it a future career.
  • People who want to get certification in Digital Marketing.
  • People who want to do SEO for their own websites.
  • People who want to sell online.
  • People who need to practice again and refresh their skills and knowledge about SEO.
  • People who want to level-up their skills and knowledge in SEO as part of digital marketing.
  • People who want to set-up their first-ever website and to make it a search engine friendly one.
  • Bloggers or influencers who need to expand their own site’s online visibility and presence.
  • People who want to apply at a Digital Marketing firm.
  • People who want to promote their business in terms of Internet Marketing.

Jeanius Hub SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Davao, Philippines is the best learning platform that provides hands-on and online training for SEO. Our best SEO training course is comprehensive, practical and straight to the point.

Below is our SEO training outline. But, before we start with our lesson, we’re going to show you the breakdown of our SEO syllabus, for you to know what you’ll be learning and receiving in return during your SEO Training Course Philippines with us.

Basic to Advanced SEO Training Course Philippines Outline


  1. Introduction to the SEO world
  2. SEO Tools
    • SEMRush
    • Ahrefs
    • Ubersuggest
    • Google Keyword Planner
  3. Keyword Research
    • Short Tail Keyword
    • Long Tail Keyword
    • Intent Keyword
    • LSI Keyword
  4. Content Writing / Research
    • Basic SEO article format
    • Article Curation
  5. WordPress
    • Add New Post
    • Add New Page
    • Add / Upload Media
  6. SEO Yoast & Rank Math Introduction
  7. On-Page SEO
    • Meta Title
    • Meta Description
    • Header Tags
    • Keyword Cannibalization
    • Image Optimization
    • Focus Keyword
    • Other Keywords
  8. Off-Page SEO
    • Contextual
    • Blog Commenting
    • Email Outreach
    • Directory Submission
    • Social Bookmarking
  9. Local SEO
    • Google My Business
    • Citation


  1. Introduction to SEO world
  2. SEO Tools
    • SEMRush
    • Ahrefs
    • Ubersuggest
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Google Trends
    • Google Search Console
  3. Keyword Research
    • What is Short Tail Keyword
    • What is Long Tail Keyword
    • What is Intent Keyword
    • What is  LSI Keyword
    • How to find and choose good keywords
    • How you can outrank an established website
    • How to validate keywords
    • How to collect an organic keywords of a specific website
    • Trouble finding your competitor’s keyword
    • Competitor Research
    • Tools to convert broad keywords
    • How to find related keywords to your website
  4. Content SEO
    • SEO article format
    • Article Curation
    • Content Research
    • Keywords Proper Placement
    • Article / Content Rewriting
    • Secret to produce good article
    • How to make your article rank fast on Google
    • How to improve the keyword optimization of your content?
    • Unique and special tools to find proof and relevant terms for your keywords
    • Exact Keyword Density
    • Wrong way for creating links
    • Proper Way of Internal Linking
    • Proper Way of External Linking
  5. WordPress
    • Add New Post
    • Add New Page
    • Add / Upload Media
  6. SEO Yoast & Rank Math Introduction
  7. Technical & On Page SEO
    • Why Technical Factors Matter in SEO?
    • Impact of Headings and Meta Description
    • Add Heading Tags and Meta Description
    • Domain SEO Visiblity
    • Search Volume of Domain Name
    • Https vs Http
    • Site Speed
    • How to optimize your image / picture
    • URL Lenght
  8. Get Indexed Faster on Google
    • Create and Submit Site Map
    • URL Inspection in 2021
  9. How to removed indexed link Faster on Google
  10. Off Page SEO / Backlink Campaign
    • Why backlinks are still important for SEO?
    • Terminologies used
    • Number of Referring Domains
    • Keyword Vs Brand Name Anchor Text
    • Source links from new site
    • Backlink Age Vs New Links
    • Linkbuilding Techniques
      • Contextual
      • Blog Commenting
      • Email Outreach
      • Directory Submission
      • Social Bookmarking
  11. Future SEO Factors
    • Why User Experience Matter?
    • How many internal links should you add in your post?
    • How many images shoud you add in your post?
    • How to add copyright-free related images to your post for free?
    • Videos Integration
    • Responsive design
    • Font Size Factor
    • Interactive Elements
    • Click Through Rate (CTR)
    • User Signals
    • How to add Rich Snippets to your website
    • How to increase time and Reduce Bounce Rate
    • How to add Google Analytics to your Site
    • How to link Google Search Console to Google Analytics
  12. Negative SEO
    • Common negative SEO practice by competitors
    • Proofs that exists as an example of negative SEO on www
    • Tools to analyze your backlink profile
    • Steps you should do on negative SEO
    • How to collect worst backlinks
    • How to remove them from Google’s eyes
    • How to avoid duplicate content within your website
    • How to deal with 404 not found pages
    • Common SEO mistakes are done by webmasters
    • The practice you should not do on your website
  13. Local SEO
    • Google My Business
    • Citation
  14. Bonus
    • List of Tools you will need in SEO

Basic SEO – 3000

Advanced SEO – 7000 (kelangan muagi sa nig basic, kay lisud jud gamay kung diretso ka, ambak na lang ta noh?)

Basic to Advanced SEO – 9000

One-on-One Coaching and Training – 15,000 (your time, I will adjust)

Ilongga ang speaker pero fluent mag bisaya, mag tagalog ug mag english.

Are you ready to learn SEO? Contact us today if you want to take our hands-on or online SEO training course.

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