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3 Incredible On Page SEO Strategies to rank on Google without Backlinks

On page SEO strategies to rank on Google is surely a force to be reckoned with, as it could produce spectacular results without relying too much on backlinks. Although linking is still an important factor, there are instances when you simply find it very tiresome to implement.

That is why you want to learn the best on-page strategies to rank in Google search results, so you can avoid the hassles of off-page and linking. This could give you a good grasp on the ranks, since you only have your own site or pages to control.

Mix some SEO marketing strategies on it, and it can surely do wonders for SEM as well.

The most efficient On Page SEO Strategies to rank on Google

On-page SEO is the thing you should know if you’re not a fan of the complex SEO linking techniques. This is because of the control it could give to you for you to rank, since you only have to optimize your own site.

Know the best On Page SEO strategies you can do on your site, so you can rocket it up the SERPs efficiently.

Craft your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions well

3 Incredible On Page SEO Strategies to rank on Google without Backlinks 1

It’s important to optimize meta descriptions and title tags for you to rank on Google. These are the first visible stuff from your sites that displays on Google search results, each time people do their search.

If you do a Google search about “SEO techniques”, for example, the search engine will show you title tags with corresponding meta descriptions as results. Title tags are the link above each results, and the meta descriptions are the short descriptions beneath.

On Page SEO strategies to rank on Google tells you to optimize those stuff, but you shouldn’t merely focus on using keywords on it. Never have a title tag or meta description that contains mere repetitions of keywords, like “On page SEO strategies SEO techniques SEO techniques SEO techniques SEO techniques”.

This is because people won’t be attracted to click on it, and Google knows that very well.

Thus, you need to craft your title tags and meta descriptions in ways that people would see it as relevant for their search. This is the very reasons why Google shows some results that doesn’t contain the exact keyword being used in a search.

High-Quality Content that shows Reliability and Authority

On Page SEO Strategies
On Page SEO Strategies to rank on Google without Backlinks

Google has an update called the Google Hummingbird, and it requires any sites to have high quality content that features good authority and reliability over a niche or subject matter. This tells you that having well-written content with strategic SEO keyword alone is not enough.

You should make sure to establish authority and reliability on your site, so people would perceive it being credible enough in presenting certain info. It should feature articles with complete information and topics that are consistent over a certain niche, instead of having well-written SEO content about random things in one.

After having the best title tags and meta descriptions, this kind of content could make your visitors stay in your site. Thus, you can expect your site to rank in Google seamlessly.

Google Search Console is a Tool to remember for your On Page SEO Strategies

3 Incredible On Page SEO Strategies to rank on Google without Backlinks 2
3 Incredible On Page SEO Strategies to rank on Google without BacklinksGoogle Search Console is a super nice tool to remember!

After implementing various on page SEO strategies, you want to know of it actually works. You want to know about your site’s performance too.

Google itself can actually help you with that, and it offers you Google Search Console for it. This is a tool you can use for free so you can view and analyze the performance of your site.

Simply sign-up for Google Search Console so you can incorporate it on your website. Upon setting it up, wait for few days as it gathers sufficient and relevant data from your website.

After the process is complete, you can easily see vital data about your website, which could help you have enough ideas on how to rank on Google. For example, it can tell you the traffic rate of your pages, and point you to the articles that gets impressions.

Following the second example of article impression, knowing which articles have enough impression could let you know which among your content is performing great. You just have to note the keywords from such article, and use them for your future copies.

That way, you will know which on page seo strategies you have implemented are doing great, and which requires further improvements.

So remember these on page SEO strategies for you to efficiently rank up on Google SERPs! Remember to craft your title tags and meta descriptions carefully, come up with quality, reliable and authoritative contents, and use Google Search Console for your advantage.

These are the only big on page SEO Strategies to rank on Google that you should take note. Moreover, don’t miss to drop a comment if it works for you or not.

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