Important Roles of B2B SEO for B2B Companies today

Search engine optimization is already a big key for business marketing today. And B2B SEO is something many companies should think of using as well. Thing is, many B2B marketers aren’t convinced about the power of Google to compel a potential purchaser to close a deal. That’s why they often skip SEO in marketing campaigns.

As a result, they miss to gain a lot of perks from B2B SEO strategy today. You wouldn’t want such pitfall, hence read on to know how this field of SEO helps many business.

What is B2B SEO and why is it Important for a Company?

For starters,  what is B2B marketing? It’s the marketing type which circles on business-to-business deals, such as from manufacturer to distributors or distributors to retailers. It doesn’t merely focus on selling items or services to consumers.

On the other hand, SEO is the specialization of helping a website or web content rank up the Google search results pages. The Google SERPs are the pages you see right after making a search on the said site. And Google doesn’t randomly choose any site to display on the first place. It choooses the most relevant, authoritative and reliable results for the user.

In other words, SEO strategy for B2B is the specialization which would help your site or content rank up the SERPs. That’s when somebody makes relevant searches about your brand, products or services. And if you have a B2B company, your page would show when somebody specifically searches about the B2B services you offer.

Benefits which makes B2B SEO Important

Now, you already know the outline of SEO and how it functions for B2B companies. Here are its biggest perks, which explains why B2B SEO is important today:

It Specifically Targets Professionals

This is probably the main advantage of SEO for B2B. It specifically function with professionals as target audience. That includes managers, CEOs and sales staff among other professionals.

These professionals have different reasons for using Google especially for searching a potential B2B partner, or for them to do their job. They search with highly technical queries in mind which you should satisfy. So, SEO B2B marketing strategies tells you to create contents that provide detailed info about your products or services. Be sure it carries all info a professional needs, instead of merely advertising your brand through fancy ways.

Optimize Branding and Thought Leadership

As mentioned earlier, SEO for B2B helps in making your content satisfactory for professionals. It targets experts as its audience, after all. Thing is, it doesn’t guarantee those professionals would make a purchase. And this is the reason why many companies skip SEO for B2B.

But SEO can do more than mere traffic to sale convertion. Aside from ranking up your site or content up the SERPs, it also helps in making the searcher remember you. One is by providing them all info they need through your content. And second, is when your brand often pops-up  when they search queries relating to their field.

That would give the impression of your brand being a reliable source of constant info for them. Yes, SEO for B2B offers low convertion rate, but its an excellent way to make a professional trust your brand. That potentially leads to big sales later on. 

Less Market Competition

B2B SEO appears a not-so-beneficial strategy that’s why many companies doesn’t implement it. As mentioned earlier, it offers low convertion rates because professionals don’t easily purchase your deals after searching. In fact, many of them merely do researches to do their job, and you’re just there to answer them.

Thing is, it offers the potential of leading huge B2B deals to you. That’s when such professionals trust your brand enough. And if there’s no competition around,there’s a big chance that you’ll take the cake when you implement SEO for B2B. You only need to learn how to SEO B2B, and implement it efficiently for best results.

The Problem of B2B SEO and Its Solution

You see? SEO for B2B offers a lot of value for a B2B marketing campaign. The problem is, it’s not simple SEO and it requires specific strategies to work. Or else, it won’t work like how its benefits tell above.

That’s why you should find an SEO expert that knows how to do SEO for B2B today. And that expert should be willing to work with your team to gather enough accurate info about your brand. And that’s one of the vital SEO best practices an expert must possess. Any SEO experts who won’t work with you cannot pull-off efficient SEO for B2B.
Hence, visit today! We offer B2B SEO services, and we’re willing to work with you for the success of your marketing campaign.

Learn what makes SEO valuable to use for your Business today

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential tool to use for your business today. It’s a powerful and widely-used strategy for online marketing. And that’s because of its suitability for any online or offline enterprises.

You know it, everyone uses the internet nowadays, don’t we?

People go online each day to use their favorite sites, such as Facebook, YouTube and Google.  That’s partially because of the developing internet services and mobile accessibility for all. People want to use the web for checking out news and information, which makes newspapers and magazines almost obsolete.

That’s why you should use SEO to reach your audience through the platform they love.

Be sure, however, to do SEO properly so your brand would become visible to more people. A successful SEO marketing campaign will efficiently reach your target audience too.

What you should Learn about SEO, and what are Its Benefits

The big goal of SEO is to put a website or web content up the search engine result pages (SERPs). As a refresher, search engines are sites where you can search about almost any info on the web. The best and biggest example is Google.

For example, people search about your products’ category on the search engine. They will type a keyword in the search box so Google can show relevant results. And you’ll notice Google will display results in dozens of pages—each having 10 results on them.

Thing is, people tend to click results which are displayed right on the first page. They tend not to search through deeper pages on the SERP. In other words, having your content showing on the second page and deeper means smaller chances of it being clicked by your audience.

That’s why you should use SEO to rocket your contents up the SERPs!

Perks that Search Engine Optimization can give

SEO can help you get the following perks:

  1. It helps make your content pass Google for indexing. This is to tell Google to start showing your content even on unfavorable pages. Note that it’s not enough to rely on fancy web development alone.
  2. After indexing, SEO can help boost your contents up the SERPs. Upon reaching the top of the first page, you’d get more traffic from actual people searching about your niche.
  3. SEO can also keep your site’s interface and technicalities on good condition. That’s because Google also consider such factors to keep you on the SERP. That means you’d get a highly usable website which can make visitors stay.
  4. If people would stay on your site, they would read or see more about your business too.
  5. Finally, when more people come and stay on your platform, you’d eventually reap high conversion rates. That’s when you can feel significant sale increase.

Basics of Doing SEO Properly

SEO is a highly technical field. But here’s the basic on how to implement it properly:

  • Your site should have good user-friendly interface, high loading speed, accessibility on mobile or desktop as well as significant contents among other technical points. This is to impress Google so it would index your site.
  • Your site should have the right SEO signals, such as keywords and images, so Google would know when to show your contents on the SERP. It wants to show your site on relevant searches.
  • Prove your site has high authority over its niche. This is to impress Google about your site’s reliability.

SEO is definitely helpful for your business. But we know its complicated enough to do. Hence, we can do SEO to market your brand today!

Let us do SEO in the background while you keep your products or services on high quality.

SEO Keyword Research Checklist 2019 and Onsite Usage

Keyword use makes up big chunks of any search engine optimization (SEO) techniques today. It tells the search engine about the contents of your site. SEO keywords also connect your site to actual searches made by people on Google. Thus, it helps your site become more visible on the web, which ultimately delivers more organic traffic to you.

But proper usage of keywords isn’t about simply thinking of one or few words to use repeatedly in your web contents. Its circles on proper SEO keyword research to find the best for your site. Also, it’s about incorporating keywords on your content properly. Aside from boosting your site, it also helps avoid penalties from Google because of keyword stuffing among other violations. 

And that’s what you should learn to take full advantage of keywords for SEO this 2019.

Learn about SEO Keywords and use them for your Advantage properly

In SEO, keywords sum up the contents on your page or site.  This helps search engine identify what your contents are all about.  This ranks up your contents on relevant searches done by search engine users, so the search engine would provide relevant results for each search. Thus, hire an SEO expert who knows how to make the most out of keyword usage for your site today.

If you offer language lessons in Philippines, for example, “language classes” and “language courses” would fit as your SEO keywords. If somebody uses “language classes in Houston” on their Google search phrase, your contents or site would probably appear on the search results.

Be sure, however, to learn about these points in using keywords for SEO this 2019 properly:

Difference between Short Tail and Long Tail SEO Keywords

Keywords mainly fall on these two classifications this 2019. And they offer unique functions for SEO as well.

Short Tail Keywords

These are short keywords often comprised of the main idea of a content. The “language courses” and “language classes” examples above are both short tail keywords for language lesson services.   They are often used on title tags, meta descriptions, heading and all throughout the article. They are even suitable for use on URLs. 

Long Tail SEO Keywords

On the other hand, long tail keywords are more specific about the idea of an entire content or its parts. They are comprised of three words or more, and are generally used once or two times throughout the article.

For example, you want to hire SEO experts Philippines services, you would Google about “SEO experts in the Philippines” or “Philippine SEO experts”. That helps you yield specific results you need, instead of getting SEO experts from other places. In short, long tail keywords help your content to appear on highly relevant searches, thus they usually have high conversion rates.

Searching SEO Keywords

As mentioned earlier, you don’t simply think of any words and use it as your keywords. You should find keywords that search engine users often type in the search box. But be sure to pick SEO keywords with low competition rates to gain more organic traffic. Here’s how to do a proper search today:

  1. Use reliable SEO keyword tools which would help you in searching. A reputable example is the Google Keyword Planner, which help you yield data directly from Google itself. This lets you get vital details for a keyword, such as its click through rate (CTR) and search volume among other data. Use such data to gauge which keywords has the least competition, but with higher volume of searches. 
  2. Take advantage of Google suggest feature in getting long tail keywords. Type your short tail keyword on the search box of Google, but do not press enter or click “search”. Instead, scroll the keywords Google will suggest. Those are keywords from Google itself; hence, you can trust them to work well.
  3. Find question keywords for articles and blog posts. People often use question keywords to find answer on Google. Following the example above, “How much language courses cost in Philippines?” is a suitable question keyword.
  4. If you find keywords manually, use SEO keywords finder for analysis. This will show you data of each keyword before you finally use them in your content. 

Using SEO Keywords on your Content

After gathering keywords for your site in 2019, here are few points in using them efficiently:

  • Use keywords on your URLs, title tag, meta description and headings. Yes, you should use general keywords for your website, but it’s best to come up with unique keywords for each content. These SEO keywords are what Google notice first; hence, be sure to use them properly.
  • Do not simply stuff keywords in your content. First, use your main keyword on the first 150 words of your content. Then, use them every 250 to 300 words to avoid keyword stuffing, which is a foul for Google. Also, be sure your keyword makes sense in a sentence or paragraph, and observe correct grammar.
  • It’s best to position your keywords towards the beginning or right at the start of a sentence. Middle or towards the end is acceptable, but avoid using it at the end part of a sentence. This is to avoid making your keywords appear like afterthoughts, or forcedly stuffed on a sentence.
  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords help avoids keyword stuffing, or overly repeating keywords in your article. These are synonymous words or phrases to your keywords which acts as substitute when you need to use them in a sentence. For example, instead of repeating “language courses in Philippines” multiple times, consider using “language lessons in Philippines” or “language learning courses in the Philippines” instead.

Key Takeaways

Keywords help your content connect with actual searches on Google this 2019. And expect it to remain significant for many years ahead. Thus, it’s wise to use them in boosting your site. Be sure, however, to search and use keywords properly for your advantage.

It’s about finding and using keywords which would guides people to your content. That said, it helps you gain more organic traffics, which have bigger potential to become actual sales. And if your site acquires more organic traffics because of SEO keywords, it would climb up the Google search result pages as well. That’s additional potential sales for you.

Thus, find reliable SEO experts who know how to use keywords skillfully. If you want reputable services in Davao, JeaniusHub is here for you. We have a team of Davao SEO experts who would proficiently incorporate keywords to your site today.

Learn about Local SEO Marketing and its Perks for your Business

Learn about Local SEO Marketing and its Perks for your Business

More business owners want to use local SEO marketing for their brand today. And that’s because of the advantage it offers. It makes a business appear more relevant for people in an area. Moreover, a brand would appear helpful for visitors and travelers from other places as well.  

You love to have such benefits for your own business. That’s why you should learn about this certain SEO technique. Then, know how it differs from other organic SEO. Also, learn how to incorporate it with your existing SEO marketing campaign to boost your brand’s web visibility.

And that would help you get wonderful business advantages against tight local competitors.

Rocket-up your Brand using Local SEO Marketing benefits today

Local SEO circles on providing geographically relevant search results to a user. For example, your business is in New York, and it has a company website. You should shape your SEO marketing campaign so people in the city would spot your brand easier.

Say, there’s a New Yorker who needs to fix his laptop. He would probably search about “laptop repair in New York”, instead of a generic keyword such as “laptop repair”. If he used the former to Google for a reliable service, local results from New York will show. But if he would use the latter, laptop repair from other cities or even state would appear.  

Why is Local SEO Important for your Business

After knowing what local SEO marketing is, it’s wise to learn why it is beneficial for your business. Here’s why:

Personalized Approach 

Local search engine optimization prevents Google from running on generic search result system. Instead, it helps provide the exact results a user needs immediately.

Following the example above, if the user searches about “laptop repair near me”, Google would show results from New York City. That’s because of Google’s capacity to gather data from the computer or smartphone a person use.  Thus, the search engine already knows the best results to show for such person. 

In short, Google would connect your brand to relevant searches coming from your local area.

Pass your Brand for the New Google Algorithm

Google have launched local search engine optimization last 2012. One of its notable features is the new ability of Google algorithm to read through relevant info in your contents. For example, they would gather details from your company’s Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) citations. Thus, taking information about your business’ location.

Thus, hire local SEO expert who would make your NAP citation consistent across platforms. What reflects on your home page should show on your Google My Business profile, social media profiles, blogs and yellow pages among other online sites.  This gives the impression that Google could trust the details on your NAP, which helps in ranking up your site. 

Rank up in Google Search Results

Notice the top of each Google search result pages (SERPs). You’d see paid advertisements and local Google pack which are relevant to the search. And local SEO marketing helps in pulling you up to such ranks. This means highly potential local customers would see your brand easily. 

Essential Factor for Local SEO Marketing

Next, learn the vital factors that dictate success for a local search engine optimization campaign. And if you’re planning to hire an SEO expert in the Philippines for it, be sure to get one who knows these factors proficiently. Get the best local SEO expert Davao service today!

Distance from the User

Google would determine the optimal location of a user. Then, it shows results with close proximity to the user.  This is also possible even if a user doesn’t specify a certain location on the search keyword.

Relevance for the User

Google also determines the relevance of your brand to a certain search. For example, a person searches for a laptop keyboard repair service in New York. The SERP would show your service if it specifically list laptop keyboard repair on its profile. Thus, clearly specify the products and services you offer. 

Popularity of a Business or Brand

Another vital factor is the actual popularity of a business on the offline world.  Google tries its best to reflect real world prominent brands to its search results. Thus, do your best to gather genuine positive reviews from local clients or customers. Moreover, simply offer the best quality products and services to popularize your brand in the local area. 

Optimized Google My Business Profile

To complete your local SEO marketing campaign, be sure to claim your business in Google My Business (GMB). Create a profile, then optimize it. That would help your brand show on local SERPs. Here’s a quick guide in optimizing your GMB listing:

  1. Complete your GMB profile.
  2. Account all your business location into GMB pages.
  3. Be sure to have a consistent NAP across different platforms.
  4. Aim for huge quantity of 4 and 5-star reviews. Encourage clients or customers to leave feedbacks as well.
  5. Add online booking features if you offer it on your business. This would give big convenience for clients or customers.

That’s why, find an SEO expert who knows how to optimize your GMB listing today. Connect with one of the best local SEO Philippines professionals for your brand. 

Helpful Checklist for a Successful Local SEO Marketing campaign

Are you still confused on how to implement local search engine optimization for your business? Here’s the basic checklist you should take note:

  • Find online directories which are relevant for your industry. Then, be sure to have consistent NAP details and citations across different directories.
  • Claim your business on Google my business and optimize your GMB listings completely.
  • Delete or remove duplicate listings of your brand on relevant directories for your clients or customers.
  • Incorporate review and local schema to your brand or business website.
  • Be sure to provide on-page contents which are compatible for geographic targeting. This includes keywords, meta data, videos, images and articles among other contents.
  • Carefully plan on how to gather relevant positive reviews across platforms. Be sure to respond to all reviews accordingly yet professionally. 
  • Finally, build consistent local backlinks for your brand. 

Local SEO marketing is a wonderful strategy which helps in rocketing any business locally. And if you want to reap its benefits today, connect with JeaniusHub for reputable SEO services.

3 Main Options in Working as an SEO Expert Philippines today

The industry of SEO Expert Philippines has today is a blooming community filled with experts on various fields. In fact, many companies worldwide hire Filipino SEO experts that possess specific specializations on their career.

That sounds good, but that makes the world of SEO quite confusing for newbies. Many of them don’t know how to start embarking on SEO Services Philippines can offer.

Fortunately, you can simply consider 3 options where a SEO expert can work. That can provide you a concrete working structure, so you will know how you will provide services for clients.

Which Working Structure to choose for an SEO Philippines career?

As you begin your journey towards becoming an SEO specialist, remember these working structures you can consider. These can help you know how you can provide services, and give you a summary of your workflow.

These considerations can also help you move forward in an area that fits you well.

SEO Freelancing

Freelancing involves you working alone for clients, though you can find yourself working in a company team every now and then. It focuses on providing SEO services on an agreed amount of time or workloads, which will end after its consumption.

In freelance SEO writing, for example, a client can order a number of articles from you. These articles will have specified number of words, on which you will base your payment rate. But you can also offer hourly rates, so clients can pay you based on the number of hours they ask for.

Freelancing SEO Philippines career can give you the perks of working from home. This means you can spend an ample amount of time with your family. You don’t have to worry about daily commute as well.

Just be sure to have reliable computers and stable internet connection, so you can work seamlessly and comply with orders and deadlines.

Work in an SEO Agency

Another option is to work in an SEO agency. With the blooming SEO industry in the country, various agencies have popped out anywhere too.

In Davao City, for example, numerous government-registered or non-registered agency is currently operating. This means you can easily work as an SEO expert Davao can offer to clients today.

If you choose to do so, you can find agencies that allow you to work remotely from home. But if you have technical problems like lack of reliable computer and internet, you can find one that offers office-based SEO jobs too.

In addition, they can pay you as their regular employee, or as a freelancer. Thus, you have to clarify upon application if they will pay you with periodic rates or on project-based payments.

Aside from skipping to worry about technical stuff, working in an SEO agency can also save you the hassles of finding clients. The agency needs to find their own, so they can survive in the industry.

In-house SEO Employment

Many companies recognize the power of SEO today. Thus, various business begins forming their own in-house SEO team.  And you can surely opt to apply for one.

This option means you will work as a regular employee under a company, thus you shouldn’t view it as a mere client.

SEO Philippines offers also have a couple of variations under this option. You can choose to work remotely in your own home, which is applicable especially for foreign clients. This is also necessary if you have a national client from a different city or region.

But you can possibly encounter employers that demands office-based workers too. If you’re an SEO Services Davao expert, for example, some big call center or IT companies might hire you for their offices. Remember that Davao has lots of blooming business nowadays, and many of them require SEO ninjas.

In addition, don’t be surprised if an employer would ask you to go on a different city, region or even abroad to work for them. This happens especially if you have sufficient skills, and if they trust you enough for the job. Just be sure they’ll cover your basic expenses for it.

These are the 3 main options you can consider when you want to embark on an SEO Philippines career. Be sure to choose one that fits you well, so you can work professionally according to your liking.

And if you need more SEO tips to guide you, visit and talk with Ms. Jean. JeaniusHub also has quality SEO Services Davao can offer today.

Reasons to Hire SEO Expert Philippines for Huge Web Advantage

Do you want to know the reasons why you will need to hire SEO Expert Philippines for Huge Web Advantage?

Here’s the answer!

SEO Philippines offers the best specialists who are unique from others. In fact, Filipino virtual assistants
or SEO professionals are favored by many businesses globally. That makes them a good choice waiting
for you as well.

SEO specialist in Philippines doesn’t simply offer stellar skills to clients. They possess specific qualities
that help them do their job well.

And these are values or characteristics that make them the best for you to hire. After all, you want to
boost your contents up the SERPs, and make your brand more visible on the web.

SEO Outsourcing Philippines

Why Hire SEO Philippines Experts for your website?

You want to have the best SEO services for your web contents or site. Thus, you should know why you
should choose Filipino SEO experts for it. Whether you would hire SEO expert Davao has today or go for
specialists from other places, you can still find a reliable professional to work for you.

Hospitability as a Filipino Culture Trademark

Filipinos are naturally hospitable to different people including those coming from abroad. And there’s a
form of hospitability that a SEO expert from Philippines can show.

You can observe it based on how they communicate with others on the web. For example, they can
communicate well with you, despite of them not having English as native language.

The trait of hospitability makes various international clients feel comfortable working with Filipinos as
well. And this makes a SEO expert Philippines can offer a great fit for different working structures. You
can hire them alone, or put them in your existing team when necessary.

Filipinos are Flexible and can adapt easily

Flexibility is another unique quality that specialists of SEO Philippines have today. They can incorporate
their selves in different working environment, like working for clients from totally different time zones.

They can adjust their working style according to clients’ attitude, traits, demands and workflow
management among other factors as well. Cultural differences aren’t a big deal too, since they can
adapt easily according to it.

In addition, you can expect a Filipino SEO professional to learn easily. You can even see them improve
under your supervision, as long as you’d allow them to. And that can help you a lot in the end, since they
can improve their skills for your advantage.

Proficient Skills and Quality Outputs

You want to avail SEO services Philippines offer because you want to achieve definitive results. And
Filipino SEO professionals can give you just that.

There are a lot of Filipino SEO experts that delivers quality results through their stellar skills. In fact, this
is a big factor that has made Filipino SEO ninjas popular worldwide. Moreover, you can spot the specific
expert you need among them.

For example, you can hire an SEO professional that can boost your site up the SERPs. You can also hire
visual graphic experts, professional writers, web designers and other experts that you need. It’s not
even difficult to find various web specialists working as one team from the Philippines.

Filipino SEO Services are more Affordable

You can easily search for cheap SEO workers all over the web. But it’s hard to find those who can
provide quality results.

SEO Philippines specialists can offer you professional skills and quality results. And they can give it on
more affordable deals too.

That’s partially because the Philippines has relatively lower cost of living than many western countries.
But Filipinos wants to produce quality results too, thus you can expect the best from them than SEO
workers from other places.

However, remember to pay them nicely so they would love to work for you on a long-term basis.

These are just few of the biggest qualities and reasons for you to hire specialists of SEO Philippines can
offer. They are hospitable enough, flexible and adaptable depending on the working environment, can
deliver quality results and can offer you the best affordable deals.

Just be sure to look for a reliable SEO professional from the Philippines, and don’t simply look for cheap
offers. And if you want the best SEO Services Davao, Philippines has today, visit right

Connect with Ms. Jean Palabrica, and see how she delivers all the qualities of a reliable Filipino SEO professional while working for you.

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