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Thinking of the strategies that the best Digital Marketing Agency use nowadays?

Search about digital marketing strategies and you’ll gain dozens of suggestions and tips all over the web today. Many claims that some are better than others, and they’re usually backed by tons of details and data. Yes, those are helpful, but they’re confusing and you have to sort them out to see which digital marketing strategies really work. You want the methods that even the best digital marketing agency and expert use in their projects.

But you don’t really have to dig through those large piles of information. You only have to focus on 12 essential areas to gain leverage over the competition.

It’s no surprise, however, that you’ve already come across these areas of online marketing. But making these strategies efficient is the big secret of many top digital marketing agencies today. Learning these will help you sail forward through 2021 and the coming decade.

How much do you really know about online marketing, from landing pages and video production up to search engine optimization and local search marketing among others? Which areas should you improve for better marketing results? Read on to learn these things, or enroll in the best digital marketing course Philippines offers today.

Here are the Strategies that the Best Digital Marketing Agency Use in 2021

1. Search Engine Optimization

13 Strategies that the Best Digital Marketing Agency use this Year 1


SEO is your partner when you need organic traffic.

Yes, search engine optimization is a complex field and is made more confusing by Google algorithms. But it is without a doubt the most important area of digital marketing today.  Thing is, no matter how difficult SEO becomes, it’s still learnable by working more of it in your marketing projects. However, hiring an SEO expert for your team is the best way to gain great results while learning more.

One of the best SEO strategies today is the HTTPS requirement from Google. This means you must change your old HTTP pages to HTTPS. This is because Google has noticed many secured contact pages still use the HTTP format. That is why the best digital marketing agency complies with it.

Failure to comply with this requirement earns your site a non-secured tag from Google. This affects your position on SERPs, meaning it can stop a site from ranking up. And the right SEO expert can professionally change an HTTP site into HTTPS.

Gusto mo bang matuto ng Digital Marketing? Punta na sa ating classroom!

2. Search Engine Marketing

13 Strategies that the Best Digital Marketing Agency use this Year 2


Need Google Ads Expert? Contact Jeanius Hub Today!

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a sister of SEO which aims to boost sites up the SERPs. However, it focuses on using paid advertising such as Google Ads and displays ads. And you also need an SEM expert to do the job, especially when using Google Ads. Note that efficient use of Google Ads requires enough expertise, so you need to learn and properly use it for your projects.

Fortunately, Google has made the AdWords easier to use, especially for beginners. It gives enough controls for customization, so users can conveniently come up with ads which fit their needs. Google lets you select among graphic display ads, text-based search ads, YouTube video ads, and in-app mobile ads. In other words, you can choose whichever suits your target audience or business strategy.

Google also offers more convenience in terms of using localized ads. Plus, it has enough metrics so you can monitor or track the performances of your ads, such as conversion rates and pay per click rates. This gives you enough leverage on knowing which ads are efficient, and which should you discontinue or improve.

But aside from Google, also consider ads that the best digital marketing agency use on other platforms, such as on Facebook. The social media network giant offers paid ads too, and it allows customization to have ads which suits your needs. Considering the multitude of data from Facebook users, demographic targeting is easier on the site as well.

3. Local Search Marketing

13 Strategies that the Best Digital Marketing Agency use this Year 3


Local Search Marketing for Local Businesses

Many digital marketing Philippines experts notice the value of local search marketing. And these professionals also forecast its use in the coming decade. That is because local businesses have recognized the importance of being found by local consumers. Good thing is, Google also has enough tools for local search marketing today.

One of the best examples is Google My Business. Your listing has a good chance of showing up when somebody enters a keyword. Aside from showing on SERPs of GMB alone, your business would show on the Google Map as well. Moreover, it’s easy to update your listing to keep it relevant to your business.

Aside from relying on GMB alone, it’s also important to keep your business relevant outside such platforms. Online review is helpful in pulling this off that is why you must compel your customers to make positive reviews. And they must do it on reputable sites such as YELP, as well as doing relevant conversations on social media about your brand. This helps you gain leverage on inbound targeting, wherein customers would come to you without you seeking them.

4. Content Marketing

13 Strategies that the Best Digital Marketing Agency use this Year 4

Now, this is the next strategy that the best digital marketing agency implements in connection with inbound targeting. When customers go-to the site, something must compel them to stay or go back for more. You must create relevant, valuable and consistent contents so customers feel its worth of their time.

The key here is to make evergreen contents which people always need, so they’d go back every now and then. It’s even possible for them to suggest your links to even more audiences. In addition, be sure to help solve their problems by providing solutions through your content. Don’t resort to using shortcut tactics such as black hat SEO to avoid penalties from Google.

Note that Content is King, and you’d have a good chance of coming up with contents that work. Then, give enough attention to marketing automation, native marketing, influencer marketing, and mobile marketing too. These are all relevant factors for online marketing today.

Remember that over 50% of devices worldwide are smartphones, meaning mobile marketing is certainly important. And this alone must make up a huge chunk of your digital content marketing strategy, since it easily affects the others. For example, it greatly affects how influencers promote brands to their audience. It also tells you the proper use of automation tools, so you can automatically send content to user devices on a specific time.

5. Remarketing

13 Strategies that the Best Digital Marketing Agency use this Year 5

Remarketing is one of the most important strategies which the best digital marketing agency uses. It means marketing again to an audience who makes no response to your initial marketing feat. Think of marketing attempts to a person who hasn’t clicked on your Google Ads banner the first time they saw it. And it circles on using cookies to track the online behavior of a target audience, then creating ads on relevant pages.

Moreover, creating ads to your own website is a great step for better audience targeting. It helps you gather data from onsite visitors, which guides you in customizing your own ads. This helps create ads which suit as a solution for their problems.

Efficient remarketing helps in boosting your engagement with the audience, as well as increasing brand awareness. And in turn, it helps increase conversion rate of your ads.  Do it efficiently, and you’d get good chances of gaining your competitors’ customers.

6. Responsive Web Designs

13 Strategies that the Best Digital Marketing Agency use this Year 6

Understanding what digital marketing is doesn’t mean turning your back from web development. Instead, you must come up with responsive web designs for better results. Note that most of your audience use mobile today, meaning that is the best way for you to connect with them. So, you must have a site with a mobile-friendly layout, and responsive web design helps you pull that off.

Responsive programming or web developing circles on making a site automatically compatible with any type of screen. Think of a site that is used for desktop, laptop and handheld phones among other devices. Of course, you must hire a professional web developer to have such a website.

Another secret of the best digital marketing agency in coming up with responsive sites is having an SEO expert in their team. They know the importance of loading time for a website, since it may push a visitor to stay or leave in a snap. So, they apply Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which is an open-source code which makes a mobile webpage load in no time.

Here’s the thing, Google also acknowledges responsive web designs on a site. Moreover, it is helpful if you frequently publish or make posts on your site.

7. Email Marketing

13 Strategies that the Best Digital Marketing Agency use this Year 7

The best digital ad agency surely has email marketing in their list of strategies. Probably, you’ve done it as well. Question is, are your emails reaching the target audience at the right time? If it does, it helps you generate more leads, as well as boost your conversion and sales rates.

Affordability is one of the biggest benefits email marketing offers. It’s more affordable than other online marketing methods, especially that most emailing platforms are free. Unless you’re using an outsourcing service, email marketing is a great solution when you’re already overspending on campaigns.

Another benefit is its applicability for media integration. It’s easy to incorporate different types of media formats on emails. It’s even possible to insert Share icons and referral rewards in its contents.

8. Social Media Marketing

13 Strategies that the Best Digital Marketing Agency use this Year 8

Social media is already playing big roles in you and your audience’ life today. But instead of simply posting on social accounts, the best digital marketing agency also use it for efficient marketing. Of course, you must use it for your leverage this year and beyond as well.

Forbes has made a list of how to capture audiences efficiently. It includes creating posts automatically when the audience is reading your posts. Moreover, post schedulers such as Hootsuite helps your account appear live for people in different time zones.

It’s also wise to curate contents from other accounts, instead of standing on your own ideas alone. It helps in improving your brand reliability. In addition, curating contents from others compels them to get from yours as well.

On a side note, influencers would give you leverage on social media platforms. Find some who can post about your brand on their respective social media platforms. Preparing some compensation would compel them to do the job well.

9. Marketing Automation

Online marketing continuously improves with the latest innovation and automation of techniques. In fact, automation plays big roles in any strategies that the best digital branding company uses today. It is also a part of the current business standards globally. 91% of all enterprises even claim automation is an essential part for their business success today.

It’s easy to see marketing automation further improving in the near future, and the best digital marketing agency using more of it. That is why you must not miss learning about marketing automation, and incorporating it in your own strategies.

To begin, search for the best customer relationship management platform with marketing automation features. The CRM carries the contact details of customers, then the marketing automation features does the marketing in one place. Meaning, you don’t have to copy the contact details in the CRM, and use it for your marketing. These two features make such a platform a favorite of digital marketing company Philippines today.

But regardless of which software you’d use, remember to keep content consistency across all platforms and channels. This is to avoid suffering from brand confusion, which helps in keeping your image and reliability intact.

10. Influencer Marketing

Perhaps, you’re wondering how to execute online marketing without spending big. Yes, online marketing itself is more affordable than traditional methods, but you want to save as much as possible. That is why you want to focus on inbound techniques and email marketing, isn’t it? Be sure, however, to take advantage of influencer marketing too.

There are big reasons why the best digital marketing service providers Philippines has includes influencer marketing in their list of strategies. No, it doesn’t have to be about hiring expensive celebrities for product endorsement.  But it is about finding an influential figure on social media sites who can promote your brand. What’s important is, this person must have a huge number of followers, and should have great records in endorsing products or brands.

Forbes suggests doing your homework, and search for the best influencer who can endorse your brand. Aside from having a huge quantity of followers, they should be relevant to your niche as well. To do this, the best digital marketing agency use hashtags to see which people best fit their marketing campaign.

After finding one, get in touch with an influencer you select. Inquire if they can endorse your brand on their platforms. Some influencers accept free products as compensations, while others ask for cash payments.

On a side note, don’t miss to track results such as conversion rates of an influencer. This is to make sure of keeping a good amount of returns. Also, remember that an influencer with a small number of followers can have as much influence as somebody with a large number of followers. It all depends on how well they promote your brand.

11. Video Production and Use

Visual media is undoubtedly one of the best magnets the field of online marketing has. That is why digital marketing Manila experts emphasize its value on any campaign. But with all the forms of visual arts today, videos certainly have a bigger advantage. In fact, 87% of all online marketers use videos somewhere in their campaigns.

Many of these videos are posted on big sites such as YouTube and Facebook. But what matters most are the contents of the videos. It must be compelling enough to work for marketing purposes.

The best videos today are personalized, address problems of the audience, and make brands appear more human. Think of showcasing testimonials or showing the background of your enterprise. Showing how your brand solves problems of people is also great. Whichever you choose, be sure to use compelling storytelling methods to attract more audience. 

Moreover, remember that the best digital marketing agency keeps its videos as short as possible.  This is to fit the attention span of the audience before they click skip or next. It must be compelling, complete and catchy to capture the audience’ attention.

12. Improve Landing Pages

Understanding what digital marketing strategy requires you to improve basics instead of focusing on advanced methods alone. This includes improving your landing pages. Probably, you’ve already made one for your marketing campaign. Question is, are audiences coming back?

Note that having effective landing pages is the core of any inbound marketing techniques. You need to have the right web design, such as strategically placing ads and call to actions. Then craft it with efficient Pay Per Click ads on related websites.

Talking about CTA, place one on the homepage to easily capture any visitor’s attention. Strategically placing one at the end of your blog helps in encouraging another visit as well.  Moreover, decide if you’d place the CTA above or below the fold. Experts suggest to place it above the folder when you have shorter content.

Some other techniques include buying sponsorships from other companies, or sending emails to target audiences. Sending emails means placing links to your landing pages.

13. Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of identifying, attracting and converting strangers and prospects for a business’ products or services.

What is a lead?
A lead is any person who indicates interest in a company’s product or service in some way, shape, or form.

Leads typically hear from a business or organization after opening communication (by submitting personal information for an offer, trial, or subscription) … instead of getting a random cold call from someone who purchased their contact information.

Let’s say you take an online survey to learn more about how to take care of your car. A day or so later, you receive an email from the auto company that created the survey about how they could help you take care of your car. This process would be far less intrusive than if they’d just called you out of the blue with no knowledge of whether you even care about car maintenance, right? This is what it’s like to be a lead. Source: Hubspot

Jeanius Final Words

The best digital marketing agency has these 12 strategies in their checklist for efficient marketing campaigns online. These strategies help in keeping you on the right track towards success in 2021 as well. It keeps you relevant, while helping you get better sales.

But if you think these strategies are too complicated, hire JeaniusHub to help you get started. We’re one of the best digital marketing Davao agencies today, and we can help in marketing your brand. Alternatively, you have the choice to take our course and learn using these strategies skillfully.

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