3 Best Options Where an SEO Expert Philippines can work 2

3 Best Options Where an SEO Expert Philippines can work

The industry of SEO Expert Philippines has today is a blooming community filled with experts on various fields. In fact, many companies worldwide hire Filipino SEO experts that possess specific specializations on their career.

That sounds good, but that makes the world of SEO quite confusing for newbies. Many of them don’t know how to start embarking on SEO Services Philippines can offer.

Fortunately, you can simply consider 3 options where an SEO expert can work. That can provide you a concrete working structure, so you will know how you will provide services for clients.

3 Best Options Where an SEO Expert Philippines can work 3

Which Working Structure to choose for an SEO Expert Philippines career?

As you begin your journey towards becoming an SEO specialist, remember these working structures you can consider. These can help you know how you can provide services, and give you a summary of your workflow.

These considerations can also help you move forward in an area that fits you well.

SEO Expert Freelancing

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Freelancing involves you working alone for clients, though you can find yourself working in a company team every now and then. It focuses on providing SEO services on an agreed amount of time or workloads, which will end after its consumption.

In freelance SEO writing, for example, a client can order a number of articles from you. These articles will have specified number of words, on which you will base your payment rate. But you can also offer hourly rates, so clients can pay you based on the number of hours they ask for.

Freelancing SEO Expert Philippines career can give you the perks of working from home. This means you can spend an ample amount of time with your family. You don’t have to worry about daily commute as well.

Just be sure to have reliable computers and stable internet connection, so you can work seamlessly and comply with orders and deadlines.

Work in an SEO Agency

3 Best Options Where an SEO Expert Philippines can work 4

Another option is to work in an SEO agency. With the blooming SEO industry in the country, various agencies have popped out anywhere too.

In Davao City, for example, numerous government-registered or non-registered agency is currently operating. This means you can easily work as an SEO expert Davao can offer to clients today.

If you choose to do so, you can find agencies that allow you to work remotely from home. But if you have technical problems like lack of reliable computer and internet, you can find one that offers office-based SEO jobs too.

In addition, they can pay you as their regular employee, or as a freelancer. Thus, you have to clarify upon application if they will pay you with periodic rates or on project-based payments.

Aside from skipping to worry about technical stuff, working in an SEO agency can also save you the hassles of finding clients. The agency needs to find their own, so they can survive in the industry.

In-house SEO Employment

3 Best Options Where an SEO Expert Philippines can work 5

Many companies recognize the power of SEO today. Thus, various business begins forming their own in-house SEO team.  And you can surely opt to apply for one.

This option means you will work as a regular employee under a company, thus you shouldn’t view it as a mere client.

SEO Philippines offers also have a couple of variations under this option. You can choose to work remotely in your own home, which is applicable especially for foreign clients. This is also necessary if you have a national client from a different city or region.

But you can possibly encounter employers that demands office-based workers too. If you’re an SEO Services Davao expert, for example, some big call center or IT companies might hire you for their offices. Remember that Davao has lots of blooming business nowadays, and many of them require SEO ninjas.

In addition, don’t be surprised if an employer would ask you to go on a different city, region or even abroad to work for them. This happens especially if you have sufficient skills, and if they trust you enough for the job. Just be sure they’ll cover your basic expenses for it.

These are the 3 main options you can consider when you want to embark on an SEO Philippines career. Be sure to choose one that fits you well, so you can work professionally according to your liking.

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