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What Does Google Analytics Do To Your Business?

If you’ve heard about tracking data or tracking user’s behavior on a particular website, then you must have also heard about Google Analytics. But, what does Google Analytics do? And why use Google Analytics?

What does Google Analytics do to your business?
What does Google Analytics do to your business?

Here you go, I guess you are now ready to know the interesting facts what does Google Analytics do?.. If that’s the case then you should learn Google Analytics.

What does Google Analytics do?

But before that, let’s get to know its definition first.

Google Analytics is a free online tool with some premium options (“freemium”), that helps in monitoring, tracking, and analyzing visitor traffic details on your website and it provides an in-depth insight into your site visits, bounce rate, page views, pages per visit, average time on site, geography, search engine traffic, gender, language source, device used (mac, desktop, mobile, etc.), and how your users find and use your website.

Why Use Google Analytics?

There are many cool reasons why using Google Analytics is essential for digital marketers and business-minded people alike. Here are some of our answers to the questions, why use Google analytics and what are its wonderful benefits for your business.

  • If your business or company earns money on the Internet, for example, an e-commerce website. Google Analytics is an important tool for assessing the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
  • It is a “Freemium” service. Meaning, that even small businesses don’t have to pay any (monthly) fees for using the service. But, if you want to have more access to their advanced features and service, then there is a monthly charge.
  • You can easily create your own powerful customizable reports with an easy click, drag and drop interface which you can also add different dimensions and metrics in your report.
  • Compare to other tools, its basic implementation is relatively easy. However, in-depth knowledge and understanding are needed in order to use all the features of Google Analytics.
  • For any person that is using SEO, it’s easy to connect the Webmaster Tool data to Google Analytics.
  • Thorough documentation is available for both the implementation and configuration part of the Google Analytics Tracking code library.
  • There is Google Analytics API.
  • You can send custom reports via email to clients to let them know the status of their Google Analytics campaign.
  • For those who understand how to work with utm parameters, you can track any campaign that is driving or going traffic to your website.
  • There are lots of great Google Analytics add ons that can make your Google Analytics configuration, implementation and monitoring tasks a lot easier.
  • Exporting data and building reports and dashboards automatically are easy, due to its easy to connect to other tools features.
  • Can help you track what users on your website are looking for due to Google Analytics’ ability to measure internal webpage search.
  • You can set up custom alerts and uncover insights easily to save you time.
  • Ability to make effective changes to your navigation, product offers an know what the audience o users on your website are looking for due to Google Analytics’ Internal Site Search awesome capability.
  • It takes a few steps to integrate your AdWords Campaign insights to Google Analytics.
  • Easy to see and monitor how your mobile and tablet traffic is growing and whether your visitors segment is converting or not.
  • You can add shared or private annotations easily.
  • Expect new features to be added periodically as the Web Analytics package is focused to help small, medium and large companies to become their high-end solution and guidelines for their business needs.
  • If you want to try out testing, you can start with experiments in Google Analytics. And if you find it useful for your business, you can choose to invest in a premium solution later.
  • Easy integration with testing and survey tools like, 4Q survey, Qualaroo, Visual Website Optimizer and Google Website Optimizer.
Google Analytics data tracking report

So, that answers our questions on, what does Google Analytics do and why use Google analytics. Indeed, Google Analytics is truly a powerful tool that provides you with a clear insight regarding your user’s activity and traffic who visits your website.

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And now, can you please share in the comment below what does Google Analytics do to your business?

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