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If you’re tight on a budget and would like to do your SEO campaign just to cut the cost, it is the best time to talk to the SEO Experts and hire an SEO Consultant. Here in Davao, City, we have various top-rated, skilled, well experienced and talented SEO. In case you’re looking for an SEO Consultant to help you…. we would like to introduce to you our very own SEO / Jeanius Hub founder, Jean D. Palabrica.

Continue reading because we will talk about her and the SEO Consulting Services we provide.


Jeanius Hub Founder & CEO Jean Diaz Palabrica is a seasoned SEO professional working in the industry for over 13 years. 


She has served different clients from various niches. This gives her enough competency when executing other SEO principles.

At Jeanius Hub, we are usually approached by SEO consultancy clients on the following matters:

    • Highly competitive niches
    • Google Penalty Diagnosis and Recovery
    • Website SEO Audits
    • Competitors Analysis
    • Business Development Advice
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Sales & Digital Marketing Issues

Jean is very generous with information, and doesn’t you know that she has an extraordinary passion for teaching?

Yes, she can effortlessly teach you SEO to understand the complex world of Search Engine Optimization. Her love for teaching will help you stand out in the digital marketing niche.

She often provides free SEO advice to her vlog on Youtube, Searches “Jeanerals” and looks for the playlist about SEO.

She is talking in tagalog, para mas maintindihan ng mga kababayan. However, if you need dedicated, in-depth sessions where you can pick the brain SEO Goddess here in Davao City, you might want to book her for a consulting engagement.

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire An SEO Consultant?

Jean Diaz Palabrica’s SEO Consultation services start at $20 per hour. 

Ask Jean any questions about your SEO concerns and expect an honest answer from her.

All you need to do is bring your pen and paper with you! You can do strategic brainstorming with her, instant case analysis and many more.

 Jeanius Hub consultancy rate is affordable because we would like to help you grow, and we will be happy to see you happy as well.

Other SEO consultants will do some over-promise, but Jean is different. She will give you honest feedback about your business website status.


Who is Jean Diaz Palabrica?​

Jean is the CEO & Founder of Jeanius Hub.

She is an online business, digital marketing and SEO expert that has helped a long list of companies worldwide and cyberspace for their SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, and web monetization needs. She’s been working for 11 stellar years in the industry, driven by her passion for helping companies like yours.

Proficient in using keyword analysis and design tools, Ms. Jean Palabrica proves to be more than capable of developing content and advance web.

Thus, helping companies gain more online visibility, connect with the target audience, and ultimately boost sales.

In addition to that, she is also capable of team leadership and training, helping members improve and gearing them to produce fantastic results. She could efficiently handle business analysts, software engineers, web developers, content writers and community managers, among other specialists.

With all of her expertise, Ms. Jean Palabrica has successfully worked for various local and international companies. She has led global digital marketing projects and has conducted market research in the USA, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.

Her experiences also make her very capable of connecting business owners, suppliers and clients; with all the skills, knowledge, certifications, and tools she holds.

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