Grow Your Business with Smart PPC Services in the Philippines

We can help you choose & decided the right platforms, audiences, digital assets, messages – optimized & utilized to bring in new potential customers profitably and improve your digital branding and presence.

Our track record shows that Jeanius Hub PPC Services is continuously improving the websites & businesses we handle.

Our team can start fresh from scratch, or we can also take over the existing PPC campaigns. Here are some examples of real successes that Jean Palabrica & her team had recently for their PPC Services:

  • Tripled the return on investment (ROI) in 9 months on the same $100/day spend for an Australian eCommerce site
  • Increased Google Ads PPC revenue by ₱400,000.00 per month for a leading PH Food Supplement eCommerce website with ₱3,500.00 budget per day
  • Reached our target for 2,000 qualified leads within 2 months for an innovative digital business card business based in the United States of America.
  • Increased qualified leads by 100% and decreased cost per lead by 60% over 2020 for a Pest Control Company in Australia.


No Experience or First Time with Pay Per Click – PPC Services Campaign?

Based on our experience and observation, every business should experiment with PPC using intelligent methods. Here are the reasons why:

  • Results are measurable. Can calculate your cost per lead and sale quickly.
  • Fast feedback. Test various platforms, audiences, digital assets & targeting strategies within a day.
  • Inexpensive. Bring a small sample to your site—measure results. Fast decision making if the approach will work for your business.
  • Well-guided. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Results can guide your SEO Keyword Strategies.

Here’s a simple guide for this PPC Services & Processes:

No long contracts. You can quit as soon as possible if you are out of the budget or end your contract if you think PPC is not perfect for your business.

Our process looks like this:.

1. We have a team to research if PPC is the right platform for your business.

2. We already have ideas, and it is based on our previous projects. We can compare and get some assumptions about whether your business has potentials.

3. Once we prove our assumptions about platform, audience, and targeting, the digital assets and messaging optimization begins.

4. We can explain step by step how to grow your business using our techniques.

5. We access the tools to make our works more accessible.

  • We work with local, small & start-up businesses.
  • We Know E-Commerce
  • We work both B2B & B2C.

We are experts in each platform:


We have in-depth knowledge in Google’s platforms. Our team members have certification from Google Ads.

Google Search

We have an intelligent methodology to determine how your target audience searches for your business online using Google Search Campaigns.

Google Display Network (GDN)

We have managed hundreds of targeting experiments using GDN features – meaning to say, and we can fast determine which strategy is right for your requirements.

Google Remarketing

Are you familiar with Google Remarketing? We carefully study the online behaviour of your website users. From an average clicker to profitable customers—even though they’re not yet ready to buy or purchase. Through a data-driven remarketing strategy, we can send them marketing ads to keep your brand or products top in their mind when they’re ready to buy.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Email is one of the best platforms that we can use for communication nowadays. Millions of people open and using email and click on relevant Gmail promotions every day. If your brand is not included in the promotion section, do you think you can reach those very targeted users? We can help you do just that.


Split test, study, report, optimize. You will learn our thought process as you brainstorm with our Jeanius team for new audience targeting ideas. Merge your customer information with our data-driven insights to become a Facebook marketing powerhouse! 


We usually used LinkedIn to reach the decision-makers. Successful people utilize this platform to build their brands. We have studied how to leverage the platform to target specific industries, company sizes, and people with certain job titles and roles.

Are you an Advanced?

Have you been running campaigns for long time but still have this sneaking suspicion if you could be much more efficient with your ad spend? With our hundreds of successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to analyze and learn, we quickly test and also drive the knowledge back into our Jeanius team to share across all our clients. Contact us for a free audit and assessment of your current campaigns.

We can work to have the first campaigns up and running in the first – two weeks. And, we can provide the first automated reports ready by Day 7 or after one week for analysis and improvement.

Are you ready to move forward?

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