SEO marketing for retiree

How Can Retirees Use SEO Marketing?

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Some people think that retirees are too old to learn how to make a good living online. Since most retirees nowadays did not grow up in the computer age, detractors say that they’ll never get the concept of Google Ads, SEO Marketing, Facebook Ads, or any of the many other leveraged ways to launch a second career.

SEO Marketing for Retirees

SEO Marketing

Well, I beg to differ. Who says we’re too old? All these concepts are very simple if you have someone to explain them to you. SEO, for instance, is incredibly simple. It just stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

You already know what a Search Engine is – you’ve looked up information on Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search, Ask, or any of the many other search engines out there.

And you know what it means to optimize something – in other words, to make something better.

So let me give you the basics right now.

The trick is to know how to use keywords. All Search Engines take the words that people type into the search box and scour the Internet trying to find good matches.

Let’s say you sell sailboats for a living, and you do some research and find out that most people who are looking for a boat type in the words “sailboats for sale”, and they never type in the words “boats with sails for sale”. As you design your marketing materials such as flyers, print ads, online ads, and brochures, you’ll make sure to use the more popular keywords.

Almost all articles, whether written for a print magazine or an online magazine, end up online. You’re very smart to think about Search Engines when designing any materials that you or another person might decide to post online.

This priceless idea can bring traffic to your articles and website. It can also direct a person’s attention to an online ad.

SEO marketing

Imagine you found out that a high percentage of people who read online financial news magazines are also in the market for sailboats. You decide to place an ad on an online financial news magazine, and you decide that the headline for that ad will contain your keywords. Those keywords will attract the attention of people who want a sailboat and have enough financial know-how that they can probably afford one. One-click and they’re on your site, seeing the beautiful boats you have for sale.

Of course, I can’t cover everything about designing an ad here. But in this short article, you’ve already grasped the idea of SEO Marketing. And if you’re a retiree and reading this, you’ve already proved my point. Retirees are NOT too old to make a living online! Why not learn to prosper while having fun selling products and services you love?

Sound good to you? Reach out to us and learn how to prosper your online business!

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