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Looking for Technical SEO Services to help you fix errors on your website? 

Before anything else, let’s talk about Technical SEO…

Do you know that content is always the king, and link building is powerful when it comes to Google Ranking? But wait, don’t you know that without reliable Technical SEO, you won’t go far and index on Google or Bing or Yahoo SERP?

Technical SEO is your backbone to every Google, Bing, or Yahoo SERP Ranking!

Jeanius Hub offers expert-level technical SEO audits and implementation to identify issues, errors, and improvement areas in your SEO campaign’s technical aspects. We, the #JeaniusTeam, examine and study every website’s factors that might be limiting your Search Engine growth and success.

Our #JeaniusSEO Team experts and web developers are always here, willing to help to ensure that your website or business isn’t getting on its way towards dominance on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

technical seo services

Jeanius Hub is Your Perfect Partner for Technical SEO Services Davao City, Philippines

Our JeaniusSEO Team has the most & comprehensive experience and knowledge when discussing Technical SEO Audits.

We always value and ensure that your website is configured correctly and ready to compete globally. Deep Analysis is our specialty.

Our SEO Team experts can work well by themselves or collaborate with your internal staff and other agencies.

Aside from that, we can work with minimal or without supervision. We are a result-driven team.


The team is under the supervision and guidance of Jean Diaz Palabrica, one of the Davao Philippines’ most trusted and well-experienced SEO since 2008. She is a seasoned SEO & digital marketing professional.


She has been helping clients for over 13 years worldwide, and she can promise you excellent SEO campaign results.


Our job is to clean other people’s mess, start your campaign with proper Technical SEO and let’s rock-en-roll to SERP!

The total organic revenue of our client in just 12 months: $2,144,146.32

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What is Technical SEO?​

Technical SEO refers to improving the technical aspects of a website to increase the ranking of its pages in the search engines. Making a website faster, easier to crawl, and understandable for search engines are technical optimization pillars.

Performance Optimizations.

These are optimizations applied to improve user experience by ensuring availability, fast page load times, proper display across multiple device types, and more..

Crawlability Optimizations.

These optimizations promote the proper crawling of search engine spiders from one web page to another in a given website. The goal is to allow search spiders to find and index public-facing pages while keeping pages that aren’t intended to search off indices.

Security Optimizations.

These are optimizations aimed towards keeping both the website and its users safe from privacy risks, malicious software and fraudulent activities online.

A typical SEO audit of a website will usually involve the following activities:

  • Robots.txt validation
  • Meta robots tag audit
  • XML sitemap audit
  • Search Console setup
  • Internal linking audit
  • Site architecture audit
  • Crawl error audit
  • Broken link audit
  • Duplicate Content audit
  • Redirect audit
  • SSL audit and setup
  • Site speed test
  • Site speed improvement
  • Mobile usability test
  • Mobile usability improvement
  • Structured data setup
  • These optimizations aim to keep both the website and its users safe from privacy risks, malicious software, and fraudulent activities online.
  • A typical SEO audit of a website will usually involve the following activities:

Why Does Technical SEO Matter?​

technical seo services

Technical SEO is fundamental and critical to any SEO campaign, yet it is often the most underappreciated. If done incorrectly, it may not matter how good your content is or how many powerful links point to your webpages.


When proper technical SEO work is applied to a website, it serves as a synergy to other ranking signals that your website has.


Google, Bing & Yahoo Search engine algorithms are specifically designed to assess your website’s technical SEO conditions due to the following considerations:


User Experience. Search engines want to feature websites that are always available, fast-loading, and compatible with any device. These qualities promote a better user experience, incentivizing repeat usage visits to both the search engine and the websites it refers to.

Bot Crawl Efficiency. Like any other tech company, search engines have finite computing, storage, and energy resources. As such, they want to be as efficient in using these resources as they possibly can. By being reasonable with the kinds of pages they allow search engines to crawl, websites are often rewarded with greater visibility on the SERPs.

Safety and Security. It’s in the best interest of every search engine to send its users only to websites that will not compromise their privacy or endanger their devices. Google and other search engines favor websites that use the secure HTTPS protocol. Search engine spiders can also detect malware and spyware, degrading websites with unwanted software to rank well in their search results.

Are you ready to take the next level?

By giving your website a proper technical SEO, you’ll give yourself or your business an amazing chance to be competitive for the keywords of your choice and with high volume that for your products or services. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Us Today and let us help you with your SEO works!

Avail Technical SEO Services Now, and Let’s fix your website errors together. 

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