Knowing Off Page SEO and Ensuring Quality Links to Your Site

On-page SEO is like beautifying your store, while off page SEO is spreading all about it in your town. The latter includes letting other business know about yours as well, so they could point more customers to you.

Both are equally important in ranking your site up the SERPs.

But this time, know about what exactly is off-page or off-site SEO, and how can you make sure of having quality links pointing to your website.

Knowing Off-Page SEO and Ensuring Quality Links to Your Site

Important points you should know about off page SEO

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To begin with,  off-page search engine optimization is the SEO technique that deals with steps being done outside your site, all with the goal of ranking your website on top of SERPs; acquiring more traffic in the process as well. This also involves giving your site the impression of authority, popularity, reliability and relevance to the people.

To ensure of providing best authority, relevance and reliability on its search result page, Google gives plenty of spotlight to off-site SEO upon indexing. This makes it important for you to do it for your site, and making sure of doing sufficient audit through your backlinks.

Off Page SEO : The Role of Links

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If keywords are the building blocks of on-page SEO, you have the links for its off-site counterpart. These are links that points back to your website, telling Google that there are many people or websites that trusts you.

If you own a website for your beach resort, for example, travel bloggers can post their own contents about your business, and include some links pointing to your site. Thing is, those links should pass through the most equity factors, so you can tell about them being having good quality.

Of course, you would want to have links that tells nice about your beach resort, especially those with great anchor texts like “visit here” or “contact them for more info”. You don’t want to have anchor texts or source content that could damage your own.

That’s why, you should do some rigorous audit about the backlinks that points to your site, so you can easily identify which links you should remove.

Other Off Page SEO Steps to Remember

Knowing Off Page SEO and Ensuring Quality Links to Your Site 1

Aside from link building, (which is the heart of off page SEO, you should also do some other steps to promote your site. After all, your goal is to have sufficient amount of traffic, which could help in ranking your site to gain even more.

This is where social media marketing comes in. Moreover, guesting on blogs or podcast can also help a lot.

Although most of those requires you to spread out your site’s domain name, there are instances when you simply need to spread out your brand name for people to remember. Then, they can do their own search on Google to find you.

The more people search about your exact brand name, the more Google will probably rank your site.

There you have it. These are the basics of off page SEO that you should know. Yes, you can strategize on marketing your site, but you need to learn how to exactly acquire backlinks from good sources too.

That could surely help you in ranking your site. Let’s do this, Start your Off Page SEO Campign now!

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