5 Signs You’ll be poor for a lifetime!

5 Signs You Will NEVER be RICH

Soon Bill Gates said, if you’re born poor that’s not your fault. But if you die poor, that is your fault!

The big question is, why are people still struggling?

What are the mistakes, thoughts and believe they are having?

To keep them poor?

In this article, let’s discover the 5 signs why you’ll never be rich!

Number 1 – You’re blaming other people.

 They choose to blame everyone else.

We understand that blaming others is Easy, and this is to protects your insecurities and ego! But if you don’t stop, you cannot proceed to the next chapter of your life.

Number 2 – You’re saying that money is not essential.

Wealthy people understand both the importance and the impact that money has on our society.

Many people said money is the root of evil. Rich people are greedy. But when you start believing in these things, you’re pushing money away from you!

You cannot live without money. Who said, you cannot buy happiness with money? That’s not true! Money is everything; just use it wisely. Why can’t you have both when you’ve got the chance?

Number 3 – You buy things you can’t afford.

Why do you keep buying things when you can’t afford it? Is it you’re trying to impress people that you don’t even like! It’s nonsense!

So the next time you get paid, refuse the things you cannot afford and stop impressing or pleasing others!

The truth is, many millionaires live below their means. They are good at budgeting money diligently, spending their cash intelligently and treating themselves when they can afford it.

Always remember, start impressing yourself first before others.

Number 4 – You’ve got a scarcity mindset

Rich people allow themselves to invest their money because they believe that what they put out, is what they get back. Have an abundance mindset today!

Number 5 – You’re not obsessed with your craft.

Don’t forget that millionaires are:

Obsessed if not possessed by their work.

Willing to do whatever it takes to commit to mastery

ready to make their mission a reality.

Obsession beats intelligence any day. Success will come as a result of consistent efforts. Consistency comes from sheer obsession. So always find your passion, turn it into an obsession. Be obsessed with your craft and be rich!

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5 Signs You Will NEVER be RICH Soon | You'll be poor lifetime!
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5 Signs You Will NEVER be RICH Soon | You'll be poor lifetime!
Bill Gates said, if you're born poor that's not your fault. But if you die poor, that is your fault! 5 Signs You Will NEVER be RICH Soon | Make Money Online
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