How to Start a Homebased Job for Beginners – Part 1

Hello, guys! Welcome to my channel.

Today, we’ll talk about this question that my friends often ask me about, which could be something you’re asking too. This is the first part of my tutorial on how to start a Home-based Job for Beginners this 2019, which could be an answered as you watch through this video.

What’s with Online Job?

One of the first question people always asks me. They wonder why I’m still online on Facebook; they ask what my job is. The thing is, it’s not that easy to explain about SEO and other stuff.

I’d be happy to tell you about it personally, but some myths about online jobs could be disheartening sometimes. Many people think the online job as mere online selling or captcha encoding among others.

Thus, today, we’ll talk about what’s exactly with online jobs.

What work does online job really has?

It depends on the field of specialty of a person. However, my work is on SEO or search engine optimization.

Say, there’s a website, we’re the one adding contents in it, then promote it to search engines like Google. After which, we aim to rank it up on the search results.

Don’t worry because we will discuss more SEO on our next video tutorials.

I also work as a digital marketer, wherein I promote products on the web, which includes Google and other search engines.

In a nutshell, the online job is working through the internet, thus giving me a chance to work from home.

Why did I chose Homebased Job?

I once worked in an office, with a job still related to my current work. However, I probably share the same reasons for switching, with you when you go for home based job for beginners.

  1. I easily get sick, thus working in an office could compromise my health.
  2. I admit I’m quite lazy to wake-up so early in the morning.
  3. Like you, traffic jams easily burns my patience.
  4. You know it, it’s costly to spend for back and forth commute each day.
  5. With all of these conveniences, I can earn double than what office jobs could offer on average.

Where to apply for Online or Homebased Job?

Online job portals and social media sites could help you land an online job.

Upon starting, I applied through UpWork.com, OnlineJobs.ph, Fiverr.com, FreeeUp.com, and even through Facebook among others. These are some other things we would discuss on next videos for better focus.

How much Income could Online Job offer?

It all depends on you: your skills, your career, your experience, and some other factors.

For me, I earn enough for my utility bills, house payments, food, and leisure among others. It’s also enough to help me send my siblings to school.

The thing is, I can’t earn that enough from office jobs.

Office jobs usually offer around 15,000php, but online jobs could let you earn 30,000 or more.

But then again, it still depends to you.

Who can work for an Online Job?

The online job could be great, but it’s not for everyone.

It’s for people who are willing to work in the home and those who don’t look forward to always go out from time to time. After all, it’s hard to succeed in this career if you often leave your home.

You should have good time management as you take the home-based job for beginners because it has quite similar time system with Officeworks. For example, offices would require you to work for 8hours, in my job, I also work from 9:00am to 6:00pm; though it depends on the style of a client on time agreement.

Some clients would even require you to use trackers, wherein they could monitor the movement of your computer. That’s how they can see if you’re doing your job.

Is Online Job Easy?

The online job itself is not that easy, especially for beginners in virtual works. After all, most online job opportunities are offered by foreign companies from USA, Canada, Australia and the big giants of Asia among others.

Thus, you need to develop sufficient computer and English skills to work for them.

Nowadays, we already have Google, YouTube, and some other sources of learnings. Some people, like me, are imparting their knowledge for others to learn as well.

What is Virtual Assistance?

Virtual assistance is the home base counterpart of being an office assistant.

This could include tasks like filing documents, encoding reports, and creating PowerPoint presentations among others. You could even do the same functions as preparing coffee for your boss, though you need to order it online instead of making it by yourself.

However, the list of task certain virtual assistants do depends on their clients too. Some might do jobs that others don’t.

We will discuss more virtual assistance on our next videos. But this time, you should know that most online jobs fall under the category of virtual assistance, just because it demands staff that could help a client on their online virtual works.

Like me, I could be called a virtual assistant, but I’m focusing my job on SEO.

Things you can do to start a Homebased Job Career

You can start with an online job right away if you have sufficient computer and English communication skills. Of course, a reliable computer and stable internet connection are necessary as well.

You can then study or research more about the job field that you want. For example, you can go for virtual assistance, online teaching, or start your own business like online selling.

However, I’ll focus on guiding you on how to start as a virtual assistant.

Few things to take note in starting as a Virtual Assistant

  1. You should have a primary email that you can use for professional purposes, like communication, signing up for websites or creating social media accounts.
  2. Create professional media accounts, like in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn among some other sites.
  3. You should be proficient enough in handling Microsoft Products as well, so you can function as a virtual assistant.
  4. Know about Google products for online collaboration task, and to have sufficient virtual tools to use.
  5. Know about online job portals too, like OnlineJobs.ph and UpWork.com, where you can apply for online jobs.

These are the basic things you should learn about an online or Home-based Job for Beginners this 2019. Subscribe to my channel, or check my future videos for more.

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