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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the best marketing strategies for bigger returns today. It can deliver up to 300% higher ROI or more. And that is because of the impressive rates of sales conversion that it brings.

But you must do PPC properly to gain fruitful results. Thing is, PPC is a complex strategy to implement. That’s where Jeanius Hub can help you.

Avail Expert PPC Services Davao has From Jeanius Hub!

Jeanius Hub is a dependable digital marketing agency in Davao City that can expertly run PPC ads on search engines and Facebook. We carefully plan the budget, bids, scheduling, ad appearance, placement, and many other factors to bring you success. We also monitor the performance of your ads through essential metrics, which is key in keeping your conversion rates high.

We have a team of professional digital marketers and PPC experts to do the job. But we can also work with you and your marketing team to align your PPC advertising to the rest of your marketing effort.

Also, we have Jean Palabrica as our leader. She is a master digital marketer in Davao City who works in the industry for more than 13 years. She has a fantastic portfolio of results from clients that she has helped. And that includes small, medium, and large enterprises globally.

What is PPC Advertising?

Before you get the best PPC services Davao has from Jeanius Hub, it’s great to understand pay-per-click first. PPC ads are those little banners that you see all over the internet, especially on Google and Facebook. 

From a customer’s perspective, you need to click on those ads to get more information about products or services. And you’re likely to click on a PPC ad if you’re interested in it, or if you’re already planning to buy. This is how PPC delivers incredible conversion rates to businesses. 

On the other hand, from a business viewpoint, you need to pay for an ad when somebody clicks on it.  But before you can successfully launch an ad, there are few vital factors that you must think about.

  • Bid – This is the amount you’re willing to spend for an ad campaign. You need this during the auction process of Google and Facebook. Yes, you need to bid against competitors to get the ad spot that you want.
  • Budget – This is the amount you must spend on other things in the campaign. Think of designing your ad using different multimedia elements, among other costs.
  • Placement – You should strategize where your ads would appear too. On Google, the top spot of the search engine result page is your goldilocks. But you can also use Google Ads on other websites according to your strategies. And on Facebook, you must decide whether you’re ad would appear on the news feed, on pages, in the messenger, and some other spots.
  • Scheduling – Decide when your ads would appear. Ideally, you must pick time slots when your target audiences are likely to engage.
  • Demographics – Of course, you must know your target audience well. You would set this information when preparing your ads. Data from Google and Facebook would help your ads appear on the right audiences. It is a mystery, but the two platforms are creepily accurate in doing such.
  • Design – Then, you must come up with effective designs for your ads. Designs that would make your target audience click on them.

Yes, these factors aren’t that easy to complete. You need to do some hard work for a successful PPC campaign. 

But save yourself from such hassles! Connect with Jeanius Hub today, get the best PPC services Davao offers, and rocket your ROI to incredible heights.

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