If you are a website owner or SEO, Google Analytics is your friend and resource for getting or tracking data about your sites performances. With this platform, you can track useful information such as audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversions.

The “not provided” keywords

But, we cannot deny that there is one specific are, where SEO specialist including myself get frustrated about the organic search term reports. There is missing if you don’t have any idea on how to set it.

You are very happy to see the “huge” number of organic traffic but keep us wonder what keyword is included in the “not provided” part of Google Analytics.

Anyway, this is just okay and somehow “no use” in your journey, but then again, if you are a client SEO, it is very much essential and good highlight on your target KPIs.

To make it clear, “not provides” is lifted for paid search results. This is just the free or organic search results that are hidden from view.

We are lucky enough if we can afford to purchase or subscribe SEO tools, however, if we can’t, then this necessary steps on how to unlock the “not provided” part of the traffic are significant to you.

Step 1: Login to your Analytics Account

Step 2: Go to properties & Apps then Views

Step 3:Go to Admin

Step 4: Go to Filters

Step 5: Add Filters

Step 5: Type the Filter 

Step 6: Click Advanced

Step 7: Create new filter

Step 8: Click Save

and you’re done!