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I’m Jean D. Palabrica

About Jean

Ms. Jean is an online business, digital marketing and SEO expert that have helped a long list of companies all over the world and cyberspace, for their SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, and web monetization needs. She’s been working for 11 stellar years in the industry, driven by her passion to help companies like yours.

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Quick Background

Proficient in using keyword analytical and design tools, Ms. Jean Palabrica proves to be more than capable of developing content and advance web. Thus, helping companies to gain more online visibility, connect with target audience, and ultimately boosting sales as result.

In addition, she is also capable in team leadership and training, helping members to improve and gearing them to produce fantastic results. She could efficiently handle business analysts, software engineers, web developers, content writers and community managers among other specialists.

With all of her expertise, Ms. Jean Palabrica have successfully worked for various local and international companies. She have led global digital marketing projects, and have conducted market research in USA, Canada, Asia and Middle East.

This also makes her very capable in connecting business owners, suppliers and clients; with all the skills, experience, certifications, and tools she holds.

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  • Copy Writing
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Product Reviews

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